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Medical Letter Questionnaire

Before releasing your medical letter, our group of practitioners will review the evidence you submit. Only upon approval, shall you receive the medical letter via email including a unique reference number, which can be used to confirm its authenticity

I am in need of a Medical Letter regarding: Student Sick Leave Letter
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Student Sick Leave Letter


Upon submitting your medical consultation, you acknowledge our Terms and Privacy Policy and consent to the following:

  • You are NOT seriously unwell with any of the following symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, unable to swallow fluids or saliva, weakness or numbness down one side, slurred speech.
  • You have comprehended the questions in the questionnaire and answered them honestly.
  • The requested letter is solely for the individual with the provided name and details.
  • The GP Clinic is not a replacement for a doctor's visit, nor is The GP Clinic your primary doctor or GP, and your Partner Practitioner may be unable to access your NHS or regular GP medical records.
  • The GP Clinic facilitates access to private medical letters and does not issue Med3 notes, which are obtainable through your NHS GP for UK government benefits.
  • The GP Clinic cannot complete additional forms requested by your workplace, educational institution, or any other interested party.
  • If your symptoms persist or you have not fully recovered, you agree to consult with your regular doctor or GP for further medical advice.
  • The GP Clinic is unable to process refunds once our GP has reviewed your request and you've been sent a letter written by them. No exceptions.
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