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A fit note is an official document provided by a doctor to verify that you have a medical condition impacting your capacity to perform your job. It is alternatively referred to as a sick note, a medical certificate, or a Statement of Fitness for Work. If you have been unwell for seven or more consecutive days, including weekends and holidays, you must obtain a fit note to be absent from work.

A typical sick note contains details about your medical condition or injury, offers guidance on what tasks you can or cannot perform at your workplace, and specifies how long you are expected to be away from work.

In some instances, you might be considered fit for certain job duties while advised against others. For instance, if you work in a factory and have a back injury, you may be able to handle light duties but should avoid heavy lifting.

Furthermore, a sick note can be utilised by a doctor to suggest adjustments that could facilitate your return to work, known as 'reasonable accommodations'. These adjustments could include:

1. Altering your daily job responsibilities.
2. Providing additional support from colleagues or managers.
3. Making changes to your workstation.
4. Adjusting your work hours or schedule.
5. Gradually reintegrating you into work with reduced hours initially.

If your employer is unable to implement the doctor's recommended adjustments, the sick note will state that you are 'not fit for work'.

You should schedule an appointment with a GP, either at a nearby practice or through The GP Clinic, to have a medical assessment. The GP will then determine your fitness for work and estimate the required recovery period before you can resume work.

You can provide your employer with a copy of the sick note while retaining the original. If you obtain an online sick note with The GP Clinic, it can be conveniently sent to your email inbox without the need to leave your home.

If a medical assessment by an NHS doctor determines that you are not fit for work, you can receive a sick note free of charge. For those looking to obtain a sick note without visiting a physical doctor's office, an alternative option is to schedule a consultation would be with The GP Clinic, who can evaluate your eligibility for a sick note for a small fee.

Self-certification is a method that enables you to confirm your own illness or injury when you're absent from work for a continuous period of up to seven days. In such cases, there's no requirement for a fit note issued by a doctor.

Upon your return to work following a period of sick leave, your employer might guide you to utilise an HR system or a self-certification form.

Obtaining a sick note from the NHS is free when your absence from work exceeds 7 days. However, if you require a private medical certificate for a period of 7 days or less, your GP practice may impose a fee.

Employers may request a private medical certificate if you frequently have short-term sick leave, but it's important to note that a sick note cannot fulfil this requirement.

When applying for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), you may be required to submit a fit note as part of your application. Guidance on the necessity of a sick note for your ESA claim can be obtained from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or your local Jobcentre.

A GP or another qualified medical professional must sign a sick note for it to be considered valid.

The length of a sick note is tailored to the unique nature of your illness or injury. Consult your doctor for guidance on the anticipated duration of your work absence.

The sick note should prominently display the date of issuance, indicating when it was provided and the duration of your work absence. The dates on your sick note cover the entire period.

To prolong your sick note, it's necessary to arrange another appointment with a GP for a fresh one. During this consultation, the doctor will reevaluate your condition and offer updated details regarding your work capabilities. If you prefer, you can schedule an appointment with The GP Clinic to explore the option of extending your sick note.

A doctor might decline to issue a sick note if they deem it unnecessary or if they doubt the presence of a medical condition impacting your work capacity.

To forward a fit note, first obtain one from a doctor, and then either deliver it personally to your employer or send it through post or email. If you choose to send it by post, consider notifying your employer via phone or email to inform them of its dispatch, should there be any potential delays.

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